Friendship Cafe

Broad Street’s new Friendship Cafe – a little oasis that features fresh vegetables from City Farm! Located just blocks away, City Farm has partnered with Friendship Cafe to provide them with fresh herbs and greens, such as mint, oregano, sage and green garlic, to name a few.

Raul Figueroa, head chef and operations manager, is excited to help bring healthy, local and affordable food into the neighborhood. As part of Amos House, Friendship Cafe primarily serves as an incubation center for recent graduates of the Amos Culinary Education Program: “It’s job training to help them build their resumes and sharpen their skills. They’re hard workers,” said Raul of his staff.

On our visit at 1pm, their line was out the door – and for good reason. See for yourself, Monday-Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and Saturday 7am-2:30pm, located at 500 Broad Street.

Raul (right) and a co-worker hold City Farm mint. Photo courtesy of Sandra Ficula.


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