Spring Workshop: Planning and Planting Your Garden

It’s Springtime and everyone is excited to get started with growing food. SCLT, the Community Garden Network, and dozens of other organizations are working together this year to make sure that gardeners of all experience levels have some guidance to make this the most productive growing season yet! You’ll find info about all of the workshops at www.plantprovidence.org.

The Beginning Grower Series is a three-part workshop series to help new gardeners get started. Leo Pollock and Erika Rumbley, assisted by SCLT’s new Gardener Trainers, trained two dozen Providence residents from every neighborhood of the city on Saturday, May 1 at Davey Lopes Community Garden.

The Planning and Planting workshop attendees learned about the importance of healthy soil and compost, the difference between growing from seeds or transplants, and the best time to water your garden. Other topics, like which plants grow best together (carrots and tomatoes like each other, and nasturtiums help most other vegetable plants).

SCLT’s Gardeer Trainers Pasjib and James of Somerset Community Garden, and Jen of Davis Park Community Garden were on hand to offer some of their experience as gardeners to workshop attendees. The Trainers are a part of SCLT’s new “Train-the-Trainer” program, an initiative that will improve the leadership and teaching skills of experienced gardeners to share their expertise with fellow gardeners.  In the coming months, these Trainers will lead workshops on their own at other community gardeners!

Thanks to everyone who attended. Be on the lookout for more exciting workshops at www.plantprovidence.org!


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