Plant Sale Poster in Process

Are you as excited about the 18th Annual Rare & Unusual Plant Sale as we are?!? This year, community gardener and local printmaking superstar, Jean Cozzens, is stepping up efforts to give the city of Providence its most beautiful Plant Sale poster ever!

Even more veggies? Try, even more colors! Here are some photos of the poster drawing and color swatches that Jean is currently working on.

Jean Cozzens 2010 Plant Sale Poster Mock Up

2010 Plant Sale Poster Mock Up, courtesy of Jean Cozzens

This year, as part of our Annual Membership Drive, all Purple Plum level members will receive their very own poster print! Otherwise, posters will also be on sale via Jean’s brand new on-line print secret store!

Pretty soon these beautiful gems will be popping up all over town. Be sure to point them out to your friends and remind them to be in town the weekend of May 15th and 16th so they can head over to City Farm for the Plant Sale! 

And remember – if you sign up for your 2010 Membership, you get a sneak preview and 10% discount at the Plant Sale!



Color Swatches for the Plant Sale Poster

* Jean wants us to give the following caveat:  the photo of the color samples is pretty off
color-wise, the orange looks a lot more neon than it actually is…

One Comment to “Plant Sale Poster in Process”

  1. We have some very enthusiactic employees and a nice piece of land to begin a community farm but would benifit greatly from someones expertise and knowledge.Does anyone know anyone that would like to help us get up and going.Namely our first year would be great to get started with the right direction.Please be in touch.You could be the seed to a great project

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