How to get a Garden Plot

Over 30 Community Gardens in Providence are providing space for people to grow their own food. Now is the time to rent your plot for the season. Here’s how:

First: Take a look at our map and see if there’s a garden close to your home.

Second: Contact Erika Rumbley, SCLT Gardens Network Coordinator, and she’ll put you in touch with your chosen garden’s leader. Her contact is:

If you’re as excited as we are about the growing season ahead, make haste in contacting Erika and securing your garden space: plots are filling up fast, and many already have wait lists. Community and home-grown equates to reductions in grocery spending – save money this spring, summer and fall by acting now!

And remember:

+ Commit to tending your garden for the whole season. We’ll sometimes see people enthusiastic about the first rush of spring, only to abandon their work in the middle of the summer.

+ The financial impact is small, but the time commitment is significant. Every garden has different requirements. Many gardens have mandatory work days, and you’ll want to keep weeds under control through daily maintenance. This is the main reason why living close to your garden plot will save you more time and more money.

Sally forth! Let your urban growing commence!

Help transform your community garden from this...

... into this! Act now to be part of nature's perennial rebirth!


One Comment to “How to get a Garden Plot”

  1. Do u have any openings at the Davis Park site in Providence?

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