SCLT Gardeners sell at Broad Street Market!


Southside Community Land Trust recently started its first ever food growing collaborative with community gardeners. Gardeners are successfully coming together to sell excess fruits, vegetables, and herbs at the Broad Street Farmers’ Market, right around the corner from where the food is grown. About five gardeners call themselves the “Community Growers,” and are managed this year by SCLT’s Americorps VISTA Jamie Fredricks.

The collaborative was born out of the idea that many gardeners have a surplus of food in their garden plot. If gardener’s have extra food they aren’t using for family meals, they now have the option to sell in a formal market setting. Not only is this system great for gardeners, it works phenomenally well for Southside residents, too: the Community Growers farmer’s market stand is one more place where Southside ‘s community can have access to affordable, healthy, locally grown food.

So far, there are three consistent gardeners working as part of the collaborative, but their new business is encouraging other gardeners to join in. On the very first day of selling, one gardener made $40. The next week, she sold $120 worth of stuff: a three-fold increase.

It’s exciting to see how this grower’s collaborative is turning out to be a viable source of extra income for community gardeners and their families, in addition to being a huge time saver for the families involved. If five people contribute to the market every week consistently, then only one person has to run the market stand. That means gardeners can drop off their food surplus, and save time most weekends taking turns watching over everything.

Come check our the collaborative before shop closes on October 15th!

Community Growers’ at Broad Street Community Garden

Saturdays, 9am-12pm

Broad Street and Laura Street in South Providence

July – October 15th


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