Community Gardens Network Party


On Saturday, September 19th, twelve of Providence’s community gardens opened their doors to neighbors and friends – some gardens led activities, like seed ball workshops and fall planting, while most everyone gave tours. It was the first ever “Open Garden Day” of the Greater Providence Community Gardens Network!

The garden tours were held from 1pm-4pm, and were followed by a potluck at Bridgham Street Community Garden on the West Side of Providence. Over 100 community gardeners brought dishes with ingredients grown in their own garden. They also shared bread from Olga’s Cup and Saucer.

The day’s success was the result of many months of hard work, planning, and collaboration. Over two dozen gardeners attended the summer party planning meets, two of which were held in July and the final one in August.

Fifteen people helped bring it all together the day-of, setting up (tables, chair, candles and cutting flowers) and packing up; much hugging and hi-fives were exchanged the end of that night, along with returning borrowed baskets, platters and pick-up trucks. Prior to the event, volunteers distributed specially designed, letter pressed posters around town (those same individuals wielding sharpies when rain struck the 12th), and hammed it up with all the locals to make sure they’d come and take advantage of the potluck bounty.

The potluck would not have been made possible without a fantastic bread donation from Olga’s Cup and Saucer, lovely flowers from Bridgam and Mount Hope community gardeners, tables plus chairs from the Davey Lopes Recreation Center and AS 220. Quality Stamping let us use their space for the event, and of course, many thanks to all of the attendees, whose contributions were as delicious as they were beautiful.

It was a day of gardeners joining together and celebrating a season of collaboration.


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