Seeds of Hope

552-kinguilay-tending_finalThis past Sunday, The Providence Journal’s Business Section featured a column by John Kostrzewa about the power of community gardens to strengthen our state:

Here’s a small idea that is not a solution for all that ails Rhode Island, but it at least can show symbolic support:

Dedicate plots of land throughout the state for community gardens.

Then, invite people to pitch in to turn over the soil and plant something that will bloom this spring or can be harvested this fall. It could be anything, flowers, shrubs, herbs, trees, vegetables.

It doesn’t matter, as long as Rhode Islanders work on a joint project that shows they are all in this together.

Kostrzewa also mentioned the work of SCLT:

People are already planting community gardens.

The South Side Community Land Trust organizes inner-city community gardens in vacant areas in Providence. Each season, more than 200 families participate.

We are thrilled about all of the renewed enthusiasm for community gardening.Right here in South Providence, SCLT has worked with our neighbors to turn blighted vacant lots into beautiful, thriving food gardens. We have seen the increased economic stability that these food gardens bring to families.

Click here to read the whole column!


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