From The War Garden to Your Garden

wargardensvictorious-wright1From the White House to South Providence, there’s more enthusiasm for home gardening than ever before. There is a rich history of gardening during difficult times. SCLT friend Sarah Zurier will be hosting a special panel discussion on the topic on May 5. From the Green Zone blog:

“Wartimes are fertile times for American gardeners and farmers. Panel organizer Sarah Zurier, a historian at the RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, will share her research on Rhode Island’s wartime garden movements from King Philip’s War to World War II. Panelist Judy Barrett Litoff, a Professor of History at Bryant University, will discuss the Women’s Land Army of World War II and the crucial role played by women who plowed the ground, planted the seeds, cultivated the plants, and harvested much of the nation’s crops from 1942-45. Rich Pederson, the City Farm Manager at the Southside Community Land Trust in Providence, will discuss the motivations behind Victory Gardens and how similar they are to contemporary efforts to grow your own.”

Join us!

From War Garden to Your Garden: A Panel Discussion

May 5, 2009 at 5:30pm

Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street in Providence

There will also be a potluck style party to celebrate. The first ever Urban Ag Spring Start Party will follow the panel discussion around 7:30 at Firehouse 13. Seed swapping, plant sharing, food potluck, drink, music, learning about local garden organizations and projects, and getting to know your fellow gardeners.

SCLT is thrilled to be a part of this event.Let’s start the spring together!


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