Introducing the Southside Community Land Trust Blog!

Things are very busy here at Southside Community Land Trust. We are entering another growing season. Over a dozen community gardens have ordered compost and seeds. Elementary school kids at Bailey Elementary School and D’Abate Elementary School have started coming to the after-school Youth Garden Clubs to learn about nutrition and gardening. The City Farm and Urban Edge Farms are filled up with the seedlings that will someday grow the delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables we love.

We are going to be keeping you informed about how things grow here at Southside Community Land Trust. Keep checking back on the blog for news about community gardens, school gardens, City Farm, Urban Edge Farm, and all of the exciting events and celebrations throughout the summer and fall!

One Comment to “Introducing the Southside Community Land Trust Blog!”

  1. I have a plot of land in my yard that is bordered on its eastern border by tall trees. Therefore, it in shade for much of the day. I’d love to fill this area with vegetable plants bought at your upcoming sale. How can I ready the soil and make the spot useable as a vegetable garden? Will the plants get enough sunlight to thrive?

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